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Director Mao Elected as Deputy Secretary General of the CASSH

(Written in Chinese by Dr. Xiaohui Liang and Drbet365 滚球盘. Yang Sun, and Translated into bet365 滚球盘 by Dr. Yongjiang Chen)

On February 10, the Annual Conference of the China’sAlliancefor South-South Health Cooperation Research (CASSH) was held in the Institute for Global Health (IGH),PekingUniversity. 27 research institutions fromChinaattended the Conference and officially joined theAlliance. During the Conference, Director Zongfu Mao of the Global Health Institute of Wuhan University was elected Deputy Secretary General of the CASSH.

In the Conference, Professor Xin Lu from IGH,PekingUniversity, the incumbent Secretary General of the CASSH, summarized the major achievements attained since the establishment of the CASSH. On behalf of the Secretariat, he also put forward proposals on modifying the Regulations of the CASSH and offered referral to elect the new leadership of the CASSH. The new leadership is composed of Prof. Feng Cheng from the Research Center for Public Health, Tsinghua University, who will be serving as the Secretary General, and Dr. Ming Xu from the China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters and Prof. Zongfu Mao, Dean of the School of Public Health and Director of Global Health Institute, Wuhan University, both of whom will work as the Deputy Secretary General.

CASSH also has an Academic Steering Committee, a Special Work Group and an Advisory Committee.TsinghuaUniversitywill host the Secretariat for the 2014-2015 Session.

Topics for the 2014 Roundtable on China-Africa Health Cooperation were discussed in an in-depth manner during the Conference. And the Letter of Intent on the Proposed Research Projects was sent to all the attending institutions.

Wuhan University Global Health Institute has been actively involved in the exchanges and cooperation between China and African countries in the field of health, which will not only serve the further development of the Global Health Institute by taking advantage of the integrated resources, but also allow the Institute to use the platform of South-South Health Cooperation to advance public welfare, to contribute to the realization of theUnited Nations Millennium Development Goals, and to promote the influence and impacts China in the international community.

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