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Global Health Library of Wuhan University Come into Shape

(Written in Chinese by Dr. Jingjing Li and Translated into bet365 滚球盘 by Dr. Yongjiang Chen)

The Global Health Library of the Wuhan University Global Health Institute has begun to offer services to faculty and researchers within the WuhanUniversitywho are allowed to access and borrow the collected books.

Wuhan University Global Health Institute has spent nearly RMB400,000 inpurchasing over 600 books on Global Health that were originally published in bet365 滚球盘 in the most recent decade by Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Springer, Elsevier and other publishers, with the recommendation of the renowned experts in the field from China and overseas. The books purchased also include textbooks in Chinese on medicine and social sciences published by People’s Medical Publishing House, along with over 100 latest Science Citation Index journals on Public Health, Environmental Health, Occupational Health and other areas, donated by famed alumni overseas. As of now, the Global Health Library has come into shape.

The Global Health Library of Wuhan University collects books and journals on Infectious Diseases, Non-Infectious Diseases, Mental Health, Environmental Health, Food Safety, Society and Population, Management Science and Legal Science, and so on. With its rich, systematic and inclusive collection, it presents the latest developments in the field of Global Health and offers support for the researchers in Global Health inWuhanUniversity.

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