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Promising Progress of the Preparatory work of 45th APACPH Conference

The preparatory work of 45th APACPH Conference is progressing smoothly. So far we have set up Secretariat, General Affairs Group, Academic Group, Finance Group, External Relations Group, Volunteer Group, Security Group and Transportation Group since the foundation of Preparatory Group of 45th APACPH Conference. In the principle of clear division and mutual cooperation all related work is under way.

On 10th July, the coordination conference which is about concrete responsibilities of all departments during APACPH Conference is hosted by Youmei Feng, the vice president of Wuhan University. In the conference, all departments have accepted their tasks and show their strong support to the conference.

So far,conference venuesincluding Humanities Building, School of economic and management, meeting rooms in Luojia Resort Hotel have been reserved and confirmed. As toaccommodations, we have signed contract with Hongyi Hotel and Luojia Resort Hotel, and we have also reserved rooms in Xinghu Yuan hotel and Luojia Shan Hotel.Banquets: place of banquet is finalized in Guiyuan Restaurant, and the lunch is provided by Xiaoguanyuan Restaurant with different kinds of tastes. Transportation: Logistics Group show great support and they will reserve and arrange all the buses for this event.Finance: Finance Department of Wuhan University will help receive each incoming remittance, tract each transactions and produce invoice. Experts invitations: 3 keynote speakers, 17 session speakers are finalized, 12 out of 17 people in the executive committee of APACPH are confirmed to participate. Abstracts: we have already received 557 abstracts by July 15, 2013.

Now, under the leadership of Dato’ Dr Mohd Amin Jalaludin, chairman of APACPH; Walter K. Patrick, the secretary-general of APACPH, Chair of Secretariat of 45th APACPH Conference and Yuanan Lu, one of the co-chair of Organizing Committee of the 45th APACPH Conference, all the preparatory work are going on smoothly.

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